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The truly superstitious burn or bury their clippings to keep them from harm.
To speed the seven year curse, pick up the broken pieces and throw them into a river flowing south.
If a single magpie crosses your path, doff your hat (if youre wearing one) and say Good Morning Mr Magpie.Knives, as the summer wedding season approaches, beware of buying the bride and groom a set of kitchen knives.A knife under the bed is meant to act as a painkiller during childbirth, and, in a pre-Health-and-Safety age, a knife in the cradle was thought to keep a baby from harm.Having a woman on board, distracting the sailors, is thought to bring terrible luck on a crew.Fingernails, witches, seeking to control and influence their victims, used to brew potions with collected fingernail clippings.How is your lady today?As it breathed in, it was supposed to draw out the disease into its own body.The Last Supper has given us two common superstitions: the first is that you should never seat 13 at dinner, and the second is that spilling salt brings bad luck.Medlemskap for kvinner er gratis, mens menn må betale for å kunne komme i kontakt med damene.Their aggressive attitude to smaller songbirds and their tendency to steal shining coins and jewellery has earned them a reputation for wickedness.If you sweep dust out of your front door after dark, it will bring an unwelcome stranger to visit.Men dersom det ikke er noen følelser der, så har vi bare det morsomt på turen eller så reiser jeg hjem, legger hun til.Slik så hun ut før hun danset vekk 70 kilo.

Mitt liv er i USA.Den tidligere massøren mener det er en fordel å reise på tur med gifte menn.Selv om nettsiden retter seg mot single, forteller Pandora at mange av hennes reieskompanjonger er gifte menn.Broken mirrors, seven years bad luck seems a steep price to pay for a common household accident such as breaking a mirror, but thats nothing compared to the loss of your soul.Magpies, throughout Europe, magpies are sex anonym møter mn seen as birds of ill omen.If you look closely at Leonardo da Vincis painting of the Last Supper, you can see that Judas has knocked the salt cellar over with his elbow.Legend insists that a beekeeper should talk to his bees every day and keep them up to date on everything happening in his personal life.As the popular rhyme suggests: One for sorrow, Two for mirth, Three for a funeral, Four for a birth.Frogs were once believed to cure all manner of ailments.An old Irish superstition claims that if you set an empty rocking chair rocking, you invite evil spirits to occupy the empty seat.The Greeks believe that a black-handled knife under the pillow wards off nightmares, and the Chinese that knives protect pregnant women from evil spirits.