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An appeals court in Bamberg recognized the marriage of a 15-year-old Syrian girl to her 21-year-old cousin.
German authorities admitted they lost track of some 130,000 migrants who entered the country in 2015.
The German Interior Ministry, responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, revealed that 1,475 married children are known to be living in Germany as of July 31, 2016 including 361 children under the age.Three Syrian jihadists were arrested for plotting a jihadist attack in Düsseldorf.April 2016 April.The judge said that although «the penalties may seem mild to the public the teens no longer posed a danger to society.Police arrested seven migrants from tekst datingsite mann Syria and Libya on charges of setting a homeless man on fire on Christmas Eve at the Schönleinstraße subway station in Berlin.The Military Intelligence Service ( Militärische Abschirmdienst, MAD ) reported that more than 20 Islamists are serving in the German armed forces, and another 60 service members are suspected of being Islamists.«Germany cannot become an Arab country he said in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.The press council said the nationality of the perpetrators is «not relevant» to the case.687 Responses to Germans are rude and oberlehrerhaft alanah Says: arkansas boliglån forfall, free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download Wasted money on sex i koln karneval unreliable and slow multihosters?Nearly 70 of respondents said they fear for their lives and property in German train stations and subways, while 63 feel unsafe at large public events.This also means that we must deal aggressively with Islamism.German police arrested four members of a cell allegedly planning jihadist attacks in Berlin.In an effort to silence critics of the governments open door migration policy, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel called on German intelligence to begin monitoring the Alternative for Germany (AfD the third-largest party in Germany.Vitner på stedet der politibetjentene var innlosjert forrige helg, har beskrevet at de besøkende var fulle, hadde sex på offentlige steder og misbrukte våpen.
A migrant from Sudan sexually assaulted a female police officer in Hanover as she was attempting to arrest him for theft.
A 15-year-old German girl of Moroccan descent stabbed and wounded a police officer at the central train station in Hanover.

Many of the migrants destroyed their passports and are believed to have lied about their countries of origin to make it impossible for them to be deported.Migrants sexually assaulted female passersby at the Boulevard Berlin shopping mall in the Steglitz district of the capital.Berlins Tempelhof airport, the iconic site of the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49, became the biggest refugee shelter in Germany.The AfD is surging in popularity because of its anti-immigration platform.Man bereder grunnen for et land som på sikt splintrer.Delstatsmyndighetene i Hamburg har likevel sørget for at alle de 220 besøkende sendes hjem til Berlin.After crossing the street, the man, who receives 300 euros (335) a month in social welfare benefits, dropped his pants, exposed himself in public and shouted, «Who are you?Talsmann Neuendorf har, etter saken ble kjent, måttet forklare seg på vegne av Berlinpolitiet i mange kanaler og aviser.«Such brazen behavior towards a police officer has been unheard of until now said public prosecutor Thomas Klinge.
One-third also yearn for German society to «return» to the way it was during the time of Mohammed, the founder of Islam, in the Arabia of the early seventh century.