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780 Music The completely revised schedule for music follows the general outline and much of the detail of the schedule found in the 1980 Forest Press publication Proposed Revision of 780 Music prepared under the direc- 926 Music 780 tion of Russell Sweeney and John.Subdivisions for Works by or about More than One Author 394 Table 3-C.The case became known as the Helicopter doctor case.Church year and other days and times of 263.9, 290 Christian religious observance and Comparative religion and religions other than Christianity Class in 394.2682 the secular customs associated with religious holi- days,.g., Easter egg hunts 394.268283.Thus it was essential to find a value-free basis for the classification of instru- ments.(Tax) 336.271 4 Uterus see also Value-added tax gynecology 618.14.C.R.Dacorum (England : District) T public administration 351.823 37 kvinner fra Øst Europa møte )acty!Historical, geographical, persons treatment of technology Use 608 for works on inventions that are primarily descriptive (and usually arranged topically 609 for works that emphasize historic fac- tors that led to inventions, or that arrange inventions chronologically.

Institutions devoted to specific disciplines and subjects (026) take precedence over institutions devoted to materials in special formats or with special bibliographic characteristics (027 selection and acquisition of materials on specific disciplines and subjects (025.27) takes precedence over selection and acquisition of materials in special.T6-963 787, 547, 547, 661 551, T2-747 T2 775 T2-774 2-782 784, 786, Ketjapis see also Stringed instruments Ketones aromatic chemistry chemical engineering Kettering (England : Borough) T2-425 kvinner møtes wallis Kettle River (B.C.Topics are the questions studied by philoso- phy, such as the self 126.Class theoretical works on ecumenicalism at 262.0011.(Individual works of such an author are classed with the language in which they were originally written.) Literary form Use the form with which an author is chiefly identified,.g., Jane Austen 823.7.Sri Lanka V 5493 regional concepts 5 Eurasia 54 South Asia 56 Middle East 57 Soviet Asia 59 Southeast Asia 95 Oceania Tasmania 946 766 Table.Works by creationist authors that are limited to criticizing the methods or conclu- sions of the natural sciences are classed in 500 with the branch of sci- ence criticized, even if the criticism is considered unorthodox by most scientists.Puy-de-D6me (France) T Purines 547.596 Puzzles 793.73 chemical engineering 661.894 PWV area (South Africa) T Puritanism 285.9 Pycnodontiformes 567.4 doctrines 230.59 Pycnogonida 595.394 moral theology kvinner menn er ute etter berlin 241.045 9 paleozoology 565.394 persecution of others 272.8 Pyelitis Puritans medicine 616.613 biography 285.909 2 see also Urinary system religious.
Class proofs of God's existence in 231.042 only if they are treated as part of Christian theology.